I was born in New Zealand in 1955 and spent most of my childhood in Mana, Wellington, but moved around with my family to Pahiatua and finally we settled in Palmerston North. As far as I can remember I have always had a love for colours and can always remember scribbling and doodling on the back of my school books.

I was lucky to be able to do a career as an Auto Re-finisher which meant I worked with colours every day. In my youth I airbrushed paintings of flames, skulls, snakes and dragons on vehicles.
Also painting pictures on boards and even two large ones on 4 x 8 plywood boards, these were mostly for my family and friends.

In my mid twenties my art was shelved for other activities such as scuba diving were I enjoyed the colour from the underwater world. Many years down the track after moving to Taupo, I started painting glass splash backs (painted glass for kitchen walls). This inspired me to put colour on canvas and glass.

My art can start in many forms, from a sing title, photo, and real life or just from my head. From this idea I stand and steer at a canvas for hours, work out the colours I need to start mapping out the painting. By using different spray technics I shape my art. Sometimes it ends close to my original thoughts or sometimes it takes a journey of its own. I paint with automotive acrylic basecoat and then cover this with automotive 2 pack Clearcoat, of which is used on the modern vehicles. I fine that the pearls and metallic's make the lights dance off my artwork and brings them to live.

By posting my work on a worldwide webpage called “” I have been inspired by other artist comments on my work and their work.

My art which started in a private place has now opened up into a public forum after meeting another artist I was encouraged to display my work for sale in the galleries. I now sell in many galleries in the North Island.
Also I have been selling my work in Auckland's “The Original Art Sale” each year.

GALLERIES:  Tree Truck Gallery, TURANGI
                     The Barbed Wire Gallery, RAETIHI
                     Artmarket Gallery, WAIHI
                     Pumpkin Heads Art Studio, MATAMATA

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