- Carving, Drawing, Other Media, Photography, and Painting

CLASSIFICATION - Emerging, Independent


BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS - Throughout my formative years, hunting and fishing had always been a way of life for me. Being from a rural background the urge to return to this environment regularly had been very strong and I have recently physically returned...this is where I was raised. It is a place where solitude can be found, free of materialistic distractions and constraints placed upon us by urbanisation, an ideal base to draw inspiration from.

INFLUENCES - I am an artist, my mediums include paint, pastel, pencil, wood, bone, feather, natural fibre, literature, human skin ... anything that sparks inspiration.
I firmly believe that a personís past experiences shape and mould them into the person they become, this is an evolving process as we are ever-changing and always growing. I am an artist who is shaped by who I have been, who I am, and who I will become. My art is strongly connected to who I have become and the paths I am travelling along. An affinity with animals has always been present through which developed a strong passion for the outdoors and hunting.This passion has grown to the extent that is now a need, the incongruence of love and affinity for animals combined with a passion for hunting only serves to enrich a diverse talent for creating things of beauty.
It is interesting that life has turned full circle and I have returned to my place of birth, a place that I have a very strong connection to, I am sure that this sense of belonging has impacted immensely on my artwork...... the place I call Ö..HOME.

EDUCATION -Formal education is for those who seek the need for acceptance in the hypocrisy of modern society.


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