I was born in Raetihi 1958, attended Raetihi Primary School and Whanganui Girls College. The Brown family has a long history with Raetihi and surrounding area.

After working in the IT Industry for more than 20 years I decided to change direction and studied Computer Animation and associated fields for two years. This led to an appreciation of the Visual Image and Photography and a decision to take photography more seriously.

Raetihi is a wild and beautiful part of New Zealand. Growing up here has left me with a love of the countryside and natural environment.

Now living in Pukekohe, I always enjoy visits back to the area.

Photography, derived from Greek words meaning “writing with light,” is a method of being able to capture what is seen; to best convey the emotion of the moment. When people look at a particular scene, each can see things quite differently. In my photography, I capture what I see.
Photography allows me to share this with others.

When I venture out to capture the dawn, all is defined by light and shade. The evening light is just as special. All days differ; the light may capture and define as different object each day. I can visit an area many times and each time see light and shade in a different way. It is my privilege is to understand and record this. Every picture I takes is a new challenge and an opportunity to express the landscape and my interpretation of it. It is a joy to get up and greet the dawn.

My work has been acknowledged by winning the PSNZ Matamata Cup 2008, the Auckland Royal Easter Show 2009 and 2010 Champion Print of Show, Franklin Arts Festival 2009. This year some of my work was selected for the Natex exhibition.

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