Leon Ryan was born in Sussex, England in 19767. He moved to New Zealand in 1971 at 3 years of age with his family. He lived in Auckalnd for over twenty years, moving to Ohakune in 1976 where he currently resides.

Leon attended Panmure Bridge Primary School followed by Tamaki Intermediate School and Tamaki College.

Leon has never attended any sort of art school and is entirely self taught.

After leaving school Leon worked in the printing industry for several years as a Foilstamping Machine operator. This was followed by work in the plastics industry followed by a short stint in a Brass forging factory.

Leon has always drawn but only really got serious about art in 2003. Leon draws paints and produces sculptures in various media. Some may consider Leon to be a “Green” artist due to the amount of recycling of materials in his work. This however is not his intention but is a by product of his habit of using whatever is readily to hand.

His work is often intuitive and very spontaneous. Other times it is very deliberate and well planned. Leon tries to make each piece different from the last, bold and hopefully interesting and somewhat mysterious.

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