Michael Ryan arrived with his family in New Zealand in 1971 from Sussex UK, to take over the sign department of the then, Claude Neon Ltd.
After 5 years with that company he spent the rest of his 25 years in Auckland setting up two other company sign and pattern shops, eventually retiring to Ohakune in 1996.

His painting and sculpture mainly date from his earlier years in NZ, but he still carries on with this together with furniture design and making, albeit in a more reduced output at he present time.
He uses as much recycled material in his pieces as possible, looking towards nature for its endless supply of inspiration and beauty. He is also interested in utilising modern materials in his work and spends some time in foraging for them.

Being retired he is happy to indulge his own whims and fancies and finds this era of his life to be most enjoyable and fulfilling.

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